Rockie and Frankie of MSCO MASH Unit

logo 1Sheriff Joe Arpaio MASH Unit is a no-kill animal center. It was created to save and care for animals that have been neglected or abused in the community. They provide shelter, food, and a healthy environment for these animals despite the fact that it is in a jail setting. The place is air-conditioned and the animals can run around freely at their own pace. The inmates can also take care of these animals prior to adoption. And maybe sometime later on, some people will find these animals worthy to be taken care of and take them into their wonderful and loving homes.


Rockie, one example of a dog who has been recently adopted. He is a pit bull mix. He was only 3 months old when he was placed into Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s MASH Unit in 2007. Rockie didn’t come alone, he was with his brother named Sid, and his sister named Nancy. However, his siblings were the first ones to be adopted, leaving Rockie to wait for 9 long years before being welcomed into a family. Rockie grew up well in the shelter. However, Stockton said that he developed anxiety and has a bit of an aggression problem towards other dogs, although he connects well with people.

Living in the shelter most of his life made him nervous every time he goes into adoption events. He tends to shy away and not really show his awesome personality. Nobody wants to take him home because people prefer to have dogs who are energetic and happy, rather than have someone to work on. Despite the shy personality Rockie has, once he warms up, he tends to be energetic and playful. “He’s just one of those dogs who feeds off the people’s emotions around him,” Stockton said.


Just recently, Rockie was adopted last June 4. He now belongs to a new family and has a new brother he absolutely loves! Although he got a bit nervous when he went down the lobby, not having a single idea what was going on, but later on, he became very relaxed and kept smiling once he got around his caretaker. It only goes to show how happy Rockie was to be with his new family.


Nonetheless, there is still another dog in the shelter who is waiting for someone to adopt him. And his name is Frankie. Frankie is 7 years old and a mix Shar-Pei dog. He is a well-mannered dog and loves to go out for walks. He has been in MASH for 7 years already. Although there were times he has been adopted, his owners return him to the shelter because he doesn’t seem to go along well with other male dogs in the house. Aside from his indifference with other dogs, he is very loud and friendly when it comes to people.

1936308_620067258149585_2697120413613388902_nWhether these animals are waiting to be adopted or they already have owners, they can make someone’s day extremely joyful and elated. They can easily change your mood to be more light-hearted once you surround yourself with them. Not only do these animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to be psychologically, emotionally and physically beneficial. They may come from a shelter, but they are well-behaved and knows how to be good around with people. You can be the savior that they always look for, lavishing them with care and love that they desperately need.

Rockie and Frankie are just one of the few examples that are in need of a place of belongingness. Why not adopt one and be the friend that they have always longed for?

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